Writing an About for this photoblog will be a challenge for, truthfully, I am a neophyte, even though I have been taking pictures for many years. There is a style and an “eye” that I must truly have but it evades my conscious efforts to conceptualize. Hopefully, I can use this disadvantage to fruitful effect by using it as one is apt to say, as a “beginner’s mind,” taking my beginner’s eye and transforming it into a productive and fresh rendering of what life presents.

I have chosen to take Maxfield Parrish as my soul companion on this journey to help with incorporating art and fantasy in the rendering of the world around me. As the image on the left displays, I will use Parrish’s illustrations to help me find my true style. Hopefully, I will only bring honor to Maxfield’s work by my efforts, and maybe together we both will profit with success.